Value Print Custom Printed Paper Bags - Ink Printed min. 1000

Value Print Custom printed paper bags are printed right here in Canada. 
Delivery time for this product is approx. 3-4 weeks.

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The Value Print Custom Printed Paper bag program is very simple and straight forward.
It's designed for the customer who simply wants a shopping bags with their name on it, no fuss, no muss. 

To order Value Print Custom Printed Paper bags, you'll need this information:

  1. There is a fixed printing plate cost of $75.00.(normally a once only charge) Includes one FREE printing plate!
  2. There is a $25.00 setup charge per order.
  3. The minimum to print is 1000 bags per size.
  4. Available on selected sizes of natural kraft paper bags, please ask us for details.
  5. Logo print size is restricted to the optimum size of the bag being printed(no exceptions).
  6. Printing is restricted to one side, black ink only.


  • When we print 1000 impressions of your logo - add $0.16 per bag
  • When we print 2000 impressions of your logo - add $0.15 per bag
  • When we print 3000+ impressions of your logo - add $0.14 per bag

Here's an example:

  1. Take the base price of the bag:

    1000 of #669306 Vanity kraft paper shoppers = $.32 ea.

  2. Add the cost of printing:

    Printing 1000 one side black ink per bag = $.16 ea.

  3. Your subtotal per bag is:

    $.32 for the bag + $.16 for the printing = $.48 per bag!

Add on the $25.00 setup fees, taxes, freight or delivery charges. and you'll arrive at the final price for our Value Print program.

Please contact us for more information
1-800-665-8447 ext. 7905

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