Ink Printing vs Hot Stamp Printing

Ink Printing vs Hot Stamp Printing

When considering printing having us print your logo on paper bags, labels, boxes, or any other product we print on, you may be presented with the choice to have your logo INK PRINTED or HOT STAMPED.  What's the difference?

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A Hot Stamped Bag

An Ink Printed Bag

A HOT STAMPED logo is very crisp and the colour of the stamp is very true.
HOT STAMPING is a process where we basically use heat, pressure and time to EMBOSS your logo on the packaging you choose.  Often when your image calls for a high end look and feel, HOT STAMPING is the printing mode we will advise you of.  Your can see one of our HOT STAMPING presses in actions at this link. Here are some considerations when deciding to choose HOT STAMPING:

  • Hot stamping is normally only done when your logo is ONE COLOUR ONLY
  • Hot stamping foil colours can not modified.  We offer many colours of plain, glossy, and metallic foils, but if you have specific colours that you would like us to commercially match, HOT STAMPING is not for you
  • Hot stamp bags are normally done when the quantity of bags you require is under 5000 pieces
  • Hot stamped paper bags requires your logo be converted to a metal printing plate.  This can be costly, although normally a one time charge
  • Hot stamping DOES create a very solid and crisp logo

An INK PRINTED logo is very recognizable as a simple form of printing.
INK PRINTING is a process where we send your bag or whatever product we are printing on through a press that has a roller.  The roller is mounted with your logo as a rubber plate which picks up ink and then prints it on your packaging.  Here are some considerations when considering INK PRINTED PACKAGING:

  • Ink printing, especially on a natural kraft bag creates a very natural looking image that some might attribute to a look of "back to basics" when seen
  • Ink printing can be done in one or many colours.  If your logo is multi coloured, INK PRINTING may be the the printing method we advise you of. (note on small run INK PRINTING, one colour of ink is quite normal, whereas when we print LARGE QUANTITIES of paper bags, multiple colour print may be achieved) 
  • Ink print colours can be commercially matched.  If you have a Pantone colour that is important to match, INK PRINTING is the printing method we may advise
  • Ink printed bags are often printed on both sides for no additional charge when you order LARGE QUANTITIES of INK PRINTED BAGS
  • Small Run INK PRINTED BAGS have a fixed plate charge which is quite reasonable

The choice to HOT STAMP or INK PRINT on paper bags, labels, ribbon, and any other packaging product we print on is completely up to you. Our job is to make sure that we give you the best advise so that your image is enhanced by the CUSTOM PRINTED PACKAGING you choose to order from us.

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