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Pull Bows

Pull bows, also known as ribbon pull bows or gift wrap bows, are a popular and convenient way to add an attractive and decorative finish to gifts and packages. They are commonly used for wrapping presents, decorating gift baskets, and enhancing the overall presentation of various items. Here are some key points to know about pull bows:

Easy to Use: Pull bows are designed to be user-friendly. They come in a small flat, compact box and consist of a length of ribbon and two thin ribbon tails. To create the bow, you simply pull the two inner ribbon tails while holding the remaining two outer ribbon tails steady. This action cinches the ribbon and forms a beautiful, full bow.

Reusable: While pull bows are often used for single occasions, they can be carefully untied and re-fluffed, making them reusable for future gift-wrapping needs.